Calling All 167th Vet's From 1943 to 1994.

 167th Signal Co Now Photos

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 Dick Keffer, Roger Mefford, Tom Urbanski                Patti Urbanski, Linda Mefford, Carole Keffer


                                         Roger Mefford, Tom Urbanski, Dick Keffer               Tia "SNO" Harris, 167th Signal Co. 1993-94  Vicenza, Italy

                                         Linda Mefford, Patti Urbanski, Carole Keffer


Bill Bobbitt                                                                  Stevie & Linda Baldwin


                                  Terry Hicks, Steve & Don Whaley,                  167th Signal Photo Co. Branson, MO Reunion 2001

                    Vietnam Memorial Washinton DC Reunion 2002                  


    Pete Jenrette                                                                                                Jim & Gerry


Jim & Gerry                                                               Gerry & Jim

L to R, Joellen Schillaci, Lana Schillaci, Congressman Mark Foley and John Schillaci. L to R, Mike's father John Schillaci, Mike Schillaci, Joellen Schillaci, their daughter Lana Schillaci, Congressman Mark Foley. It was taken in May 2004 during an award ceremony, Bronze and silver medals.

Calvin Wadeking






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